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At this biotopia playground your kids will have fun 365 days a year no matter if it's sunny or a rainy day. Via an elevated deck you can walk to the voor savannah-house and the Crocodile-river to watch the crocodiles both under water and ashore. While playing with a stone, he smashed one of the huge windows of the aquarium! During your tour through Rotterdam zoo, you discover the animal world on a voyage from the Asian rainforest and the African savannah to the himalayas Highlands and the gorilla forest in Congo. Experience the tropical heat in Amazonica and look around! Oceanium, where you'll watch sharks flit around splashing turtles. He escaped from the gorilla island by jumping over the canal, causing panic among the visitors. During your discovery tour, you see river banks with tropical vegetation and fragrant flowers. Everything was captured on film, which is now shown in a little movie theatre. Within this cave you can get very close to the polar bears, both under water and ashore. In the afternoon you can relax on the terrace with a drink and a snack, but for many children, the souvenir shop is still the number one Blijdorp attraction: here they sell the popular cuddly elephant Olli! Opening hours, rates, parking

The app isn t just handy when you are visiting the zoo but also fun to use. From the butterfly-filled Amazonica to the polar bears of the Ice cave, you ll be amazed by the animal encounters on offer at Rotterdam. Rotterdam, zoo blijdorp The animal park with the Oceanium, Arctica and Amazonica! Opening hours Prices parking reviews. Acute rug- nek - en schouderpijn gaat meestal vanzelf over Beste Antirimpel creme 2017 2016

/Diergaarde, blijdorp and download the free, blijdorp, app. Use the interactive map to find animals, plants or monuments, discover fun facts or take or make your own route through our zoo.

Here you'll find the African savannah, the largest open area within Rotterdam zoo. Meet animals across the continents, rotterdam zoo (or diergaarde Blijdorp in Dutch) is one of the most popular attractions in the netherlands and most the most visited Rotterdam attraction, because this 150 year old zoo is one of Europe's most beautiful zoos. Betalen ideal, bancontact / Mister cardio Cash, mastercard. Or maybe the treasure hunt by ranger Bob is nice for your kids. Opposite to the Oceanium, you'll enter the Blijdorp Arctica world, with cool residents such as snowy owls, arctic foxes and sea eagles. This conservation-minded zoo will have you feeling like you've undertaken an expedition - and you won't even need to leave rotterdam! In summer, watch how the elephants take a refreshing bath. The Asia section of Rotterdam zoo includes the gigantic Asian elephants, which can be viewed both indoors or outdoors. At the Blijdorp restaurants you can warm up with some hot chocolate or a cup typical Dutch pea soup. About Miss Julie door Dansk danseteater, Stephen

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Five fixed children age 3-17 (not necessarily living at voor home 144,00. Two adults with children pass. Valid for two adults (not necessarily parents/guardians) and max.

It's a huge walk groente through-volary with both vultures and cranes. The base of the tree contains the indoor hyena homes. The oldest part of Blijdorp zoo is the monumental rivièra hall. The most famous resident of the Arctic was the baby polar bear Vicks, now moved to mulhouse. ja, houd mij op de hoogte over diergaarde Blijdorp.

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Yes, keep me updated about Rotterdam. One of Europe s most beautiful zoos. Wander through different parts of the world in one day. Koop je tickets voor diergaarde, blijdorp online met korting! Season passes rates until April 1, 2018. Adult s pass (age 13 or over 78,00. Adult with children pass. Valid for one adult and max.

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Within a huge indoor dome, blijdorp have created a miniature Amazon rainforest. Blijdorp has a lot of information points where children can learn about the animals and their environment. The Oceanium is like real swimming with sharks, playful sea otters, snakes, king penguins and giant turtles from the galapagos Islands. From the butterfly-filled, amazonica to the polar bears of the. The highlight of Arctic is the impressive ice cave shaped polar bear residence. Here you make a magical journey across the sea bed and along the coast and you will get to know different underwater and coastal animals. The top of the tree is also a safe position to spot the other savannah animal such as zebras, ostriches and various antelope species.

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